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Products and Services:
Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies .001" - .082"
Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Dies .001" - 1.250"
Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond Wire Drawing Dies .001" - .064"
Services: Recutting for Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Dies
Customer Service is what makes us Special!

Premier Wire Die has earned a reputation for providing outstanding Customer Service.

Have a wire drawing issue? Talk to us. Let our first hand wire drawing experience work for you!

Need dies in a hot rush? Let us know. We plan ahead so you don't have to!

We are American Made and Proud of it!



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Sokhom Khea

Customer Service Manager

As the only employee who has been with the company since the beginning, Sokhom is the MVP of Premier Wire Die. So proficient in her work, she was featured as a "Woman of Excellence" in Metalforming Magazine's December 2021 issue. If you need something, Sokhom will know how to get it done!

Please contact us with any questions via phone or email.


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