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Vincent Griffin, President

cell: 401-523-8602
email: vincent@premierwiredie.com

Machine Operator/Die Technician

Job Posting: First and second shift, Machine Operator/Die Technician

At PWD we provide flexibility in our shifts to help our workers adjust to their daily lives. All we ask is that you put your time in and on occasion provide for overtime when needed.

Job Description: We provide paid on-the-job training. Applicants should expect to learn light duty machining, operation of equipment, as well as light duty maintenance on the machines. For the most part there is very little heavy lifting, if any at all. Work is done in an assembly line process, where each individual has a responsibility to their task prior to passing it on to the next person.

Qualifications: A good candidate should be able to work with basic tooling such as wrenches, screw drivers and pliers. He or she would be trained to operate equipment that requires push buttons and timers. Candidates should also posses basic math skills and will be trained to use inspection equipment.

Wages: Hourly - commensurate with experience

Two ways to apply:

Option 1:

Click on link below to download application, download form, save under a new name, send via email or deliver in person.


[Click here to download application!]


Option 2:

Below is an interactive application form.

Start by clicking the highlighted cell to the right of the date, then proceed by moving the cursor or clicking the corresponding highlighted cells and type in your answer.

When finished, scroll to the bottom and click the download icon to save your file. If possible, save the file to a pdf. Once completed, email the file to vincent@premierwiredie.com or bring it to the office.

Do not enter your social security number. This will be done during the interview process.


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