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Que dicen los clientes sobre nosotros!

En caso de que no lo haya escuchado… esto es lo que nuestros clientes tienen que decir sobre hacer negocios con Premier Wire Die!

It has been a pleasure to have Premier Wire Die as a major vendor.  Your consistently on time delivery has been helpful to us in minimizing our stocking expenses. We consider your quality to be the best in the industry.  Looking forward to a prosperous 2016.

Thanks again,
Mike Stanton

My experience in working with Premier Wire Die has been a fantastic journey. Our business partnership goes back to 2011, at that time we worked competently and produced successful outcome drawing Stainless Steel wire with Premier Diamond dies. Since then Premier Wire Die has been our primary supplier for diamond dies. Over the years Customer Service, Technical Support and Quality has been brilliant for our company.

I highly recommend Premier Wire Die and without doubt you will see advantage from their support and professional business acumen.

Krish N. Singh
Operations Manager

We have worked closely with the Premier Wire Die team since they have been in business, through a lot of economic ups and downs.  When evaluating our wire die spend, they offer tremendous value through innovation and top notch customer service.  They complement our internal die operations  with quick turn-around of orders, custom profiles, technical support and the highest quality and performance in the industry. 

Vince and Dave really are the Batman and Robin of wire dies and you can’t ask for a better group of professionals to support your operations and die needs. I guess that would make Sokhom – Batgirl!

John Schleicher
Senior Engineer

PWD always puts forth the extra effort to understand our process issues and provides innovative die designs and solutions to improve process performance. For me the quality, delivery and a competitive price PWD offers is a cut above the rest.  

Chris M.


Over the last couple of years, working with Premier Wire Die has noticeably improved our quality and the productivity of our products.  Machine operators have commented on how well-maintained tooling has made their job easier. 

For me, the level of commitment at PWD shows when answering cell phones, while on vacations and after hours.  They consistently exceed expectations for on-time delivery and quality, yet still have competitive pricing. It has been a relationship that I hope never changes.

Thanks again!
Craig B.
Tooling Coordinator

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